>> Duration:

 8 Hours

>> Itinerary:


7:00hrs - 15:00hrs

>> Participants:

2 - 4 Persons


> Activities: <


1. Regional Food Breakfast

2. Tour and Hiking Around Zempoala Lagoons


3. Talk About Zempoala Lagoons and Chichinautzin National Park

4. Kayak Tour Throw Zempoala Lagoons






1. Regional Food Breakfast



>> We will make a stopover at the Tres Marias tourist parador, where we can taste a delicious breakfast of regional food, where we can enjoy various specialties of typical Mexican food such as lamb barbecue, mushroom broth, marrow soup, mole, pot coffee, etc







2. Tour and Hiking Around Zempoala Lagoons



Zempoala Lagoons are located right in the middle of some of the most incredible and beautiful mountains in Mexico, it is part of the Chichinautzin Biological Corridor, a mountain chain that connects with the Transversal Volcanic Axis and with the Sierra Madre del Sur, forming a chain of mountains that crosses the center of the country, which in turn generate a very variable amount of ecosystems and a large amount of biodiversity, where we can enjoy incredible landscapes surrounded by nature



> We will carry out a walk around the Zempoala Lagoons where we can observe and enjoy this incredible place enjoying the beautiful landscapes it offers, as well as the tranquility of nature, if we are lucky we can observe some native animals of the region.








3. Talk About Zempoala Lagoons and Chichinautzin National Park



> We will stop at a viewpoint from where we can observe the beautiful landscapes that the Zempoala Lagoons offer us, where we will rest for a while and our guide will explain about the flora and fauna of the Chichinautzin Biosphere Reserve, as well as the Park Nacional and the importance of this beautiful place.





4. Kayak Tour Throw Zempoala Lagoons



The Lagunas de Zempoala, surrounded by a large number of conifers such as pines and oaks form an incredible landscape that we will have the opportunity to travel in a Kayak, during this tour we will have the opportunity to relax through a walk in its calm waters, take incredible pictures and observe the native fauna that inhabits it



> We will carry out a Kayak tour through the Zempoala Lagoons in which we will have a unique experience, enjoying the calm waters of these lagoons surrounded by mountains and exuberant vegetation, during the tour we will be able to observe various species of birds such as hummingbirds, ducks, red-tailed hawk and if we have a bit of luck some chypre, calender or even a woodpecker.









Kayak Tour Through Zempoala Lagoons



>> 2 Persons:

$1400 MXN p.p



>> 3 Persons:

$1300 MXN p.p


>> 4 - 12 Persons:

$1200 MXN p.p


Minors From 6 to 12 Years

$1100 MXN p.p



Conservation Fees are Per Person and Includes The Following:


 >> Transportation - CDMX - Lagunas de Zempoala - CDMX

 >> Tour of the Chichinautzin Reserve the Zempoala Lagoons

 >> Kayak Tour through the Zempoala Lagoons

>> Talk about the Chichinautzin Protected Natural Area and the National Park




Departing Points



>> Auditorio Nacional

(National Auditorum)

>> Centro Comercial Perisur

(Perisur Mall)

6:00 AM




Conservation fees help us to continue with our conservation and environmental education programs